2018 ATME Pre-Con, Botson MA

While I wasn’t able to make this year’s ATHE Conference in Boston, I was able to get to the ATME Pre-con to teach a Margolis Method workshop alongside theatre artist and educator Anna Sycamore Demers. It was a treat to share the work with so many wonderful other teaching artists with a passion. One thing about the ATME folks is that they all embody a sense of generosity, fearlessness, and playfulness that is incredibly refreshing.

I also had the opportunity to take many workshops, which was a great chance to exercise some creativity in different and fun ways. Thanks to all who came and shared!

Photo by Chelsea Pace during a workshop led by Carlos Alexis Cruz.


“Alone” Scene from INSULA
photo: Mike Peters

INSULA – Kennedy Center Region II American College Theatre Festival
As I mentioned in a previous post, I got my feet wet in the realm of directing as assistant director to Kari Margolis as we took on creating an original devised piece with BFA Acting students at Montclair State University.  Inspired by the physical theatre space given to us at Montclair, INSULA developed organically into an awe-inspiring work of physical poetry as we explored the concept of islands, both metaphorical and literal.  We pulled from personal feelings of isolation, literary islands such as Avalon, Never Never Land, and sites from The Odyssey to create a living, breathing dreamscape of morphing stories and images.

Well, it is with great pride that I can announce that the show has been selected to perform at the Kennedy Center Region II American College Theatre Festival, held this year at Towson University.

Of course, I started this draft weeks ago and now that I am getting back to it, we leave for Towson TODAY!  From what I understand, we open the festival tomorrow morning with a performance at 9am and perform again later at 3pm.  We hope to seriously blow the minds of our audiences!

I had a busy December with more gigs at Bakers Taproom II.  I cannot say enough great things about the place.  The food is spectacular, the clientele is friendly, and they have a seasonal rotation of great beer on tap.  They were decked out for the holiday season, and I had a great time honing my chops with sets of originals, cover, and I sprinkled in some holiday tunes to celebrate the festivities.  I snapped some video of a gig, but there is so much crowd audio with spiky levels I’m not sure how much of it is usable.  Still, if I can clean something up, I’ll post it.

I have a lot of projects on the table for 2013, and am so excited!  Working on a lot of new music and I’ll be posting clips of songs in progress as they get ironed out.

So many updates!

Where to begin? Well the most recent exciting news is that I just assisted Master Teacher Kari Margolis teach a workshop at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, for the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.  As always it was great to be a part of the national festival, and the actors we worked with were all spectacular.

My focus this winter and spring have been working on two major projects.  First, I’ve been continuing to collaborate as a Company Member with the MB ADAPTORS on our newest production, Dreamscape I: Pulling Strings.  It’s rich with metaphor, imagery, questions, and unique, evolving characters.  Right now we’re aiming to perform in the fall.  More details to come.

The second big project has been to help develop the Margolis Method Professor Certification Level II, which equips university and college professors with a deeper understanding of Margolis Method principles and more exercises to incorporate into their existing syllabuses.   We have professors coming to attend both the Level I and Level II workshops this summer, and as faculty at the Center, I cannot wait to work with this diverse group of professionals!

More updates to come with more information!

The Kennedy Center, in Washington DC

Wow.  I just have to say wow.

This past weekend was the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and I had the honor of assisting Master Teacher Kari Margolis with a Master Class for some of the nation’s best collegiate actors.  The students were all so engaged, enthusiastic, and inspiring, and they all really seemed to tap into the spirit of our work.  Really great stuff.  The Kennedy Center graciously offers a scholarship for a month’s study at our Margolis Method Training Center during our Summer Intensive, and our recipient this year was just phenomenal in presence and spirit.  Hopefully more of these amazing artists will join us for summer study.

A huge thank you to the Kennedy Center for all of your support!

“In Search of Tonto Blue” in Baltimore, MD

Flier for IN SEARCH OF TONTO BLUE at the Baltimore Theatre Project

Just finished our first weekend with IN SEARCH OF TONTO BLUE at the Baltimore Theatre Project.  It was a really great opening weekend, and I had forgotten how much I love the Baltimore Theatre Project!  The space is amazing and the staff is passionate and so friendly and upbeat.  The frosting on the cake is definitely the neighborhood.   I’ve fallen in love with the area around BTP.  Spectacular architecture and fantastic food make for a happy tour.

One weekend left, and it should be a great one!  Performances and workshops on Saturday & Sunday will make it busy and fulfilling.  If you’re in the area, definitely check us out!

Upcoming Events

There are a lot of projects on the horizon!  Margolis Brown ADAPTORS’ show, In Search of Tonto Blue hits Baltimore October 1-10 at the Baltimore Theatre Project.  We have a slew of workshops coming up in Baltimore, Minneapolis, and at Viterbo University.  Check out the Margolis Method Center’s website for dates and info.

We wrapped up an amazing summer session of intensive workshops here in NY with the Margolis Method Center.  I’m working towards my Certification in teaching the Margolis Method and becoming a faculty member of the school.  It’s challenging, amazing work, and I am learning so much!  There’s a lot of great work ahead and I cannot wait to see what’s around the bend!

“In Search of Tonto Blue” in Minneapolis, MN

Illusion Theater logo“In Search of Tonto Blue” has hit Minneapolis with rehearsals and two performances coming up May 21st & 22nd at the amazing Illusion Theater.  This space is near and dear to my heart, having done so many productions here with the Margolis Brown ADAPTORS.  The staff is great, the lobby is beautiful, the backstage is awesome, and there isn’t a bad seat in the house.  It’s so great to perform in this gem of a theater for our base here in Minneapolis.

“In Search of Tonto Blue” in Atlanta, cont’d

Here at 7 Stages rehearsing for our second performance.  Opening night was a thrill!  I really cannot say enough great things about the people here with 7 Stages.  They are all so skilled, upbeat, helpful, flexible, and friendly!

We’re making a few tweaks to the show that I really think will give it even more polish.  Atlanta’s amazing, and I cannot wait to hit up my home crew in Minnesota next!

“In Search of Tonto Blue” performance in Atlanta, GA

Media from the ad for In Search of Tonto Blue

Media from the ad for In Search of Tonto Blue

PHEW!  Been a wacky year with some personal set backs but I find myself on the road with the amazing Margolis Brown ADAPTORS yet again!  This time with the new show “In Search of Tonto Blue,” a wild ride on stage with the amazing Tony Brown and Gregory G. Schott.  Alas, I was injured and unable to do much to add to the show on stage, so I’m instead working with the sound and video–and there’s a lot of it!  The show is rich with original music, songs, and some dazzling video media.  We’re currently on our last day of rehearsal at 7 Stages in Atlanta, with the world premier happening tomorrow.  The space is great, the people at 7 Stages are so friendly and helpful, and the weather is gorgeous.  What more could you ask for on tour?  After a 4 performance weekend, we truck off to our faithful fans in Minneapolis, MN to perform at the Illusion Theatre, one of my absolute favorite spaces.