Video Playlist

Here are some videos showcasing my directing, acting, and devising work.


Clips from Pulling Strings:

PULLING STRINGS takes us on a dreamlike journey into the deepest corners of our imagination.  Rich in imagery and highly physical, the production plays on our notions of each other, stereotypes and our desire to mold one another into our vision of perfection — often at the cost of leaving our humanity behind.

PULLING STRINGS is a visceral human puppet theatre where the actor’s every breath, shift of weight, gesture and emotion are precisely sculpted. Voices are disjointed with characters speaking for each other like ventriloquists and gestures are compelled at times as if by invisible strings — all creating a chimerical reality where characters are both void of and at the same time hyper-full of life.

In a world that exists out of time and place PULLING STRINGS exposes the tenuous thread that connects all humanity.



In Narrowsburg Shadows, submitted for the DigitFest 2008 Quick and Gritty Film Festival. Music written by me, video conceptualized and produced by myself and colleagues at the Margolis Method Center in Barryville, NY. Other artists include: Ian Bivins, Briar DeHavin, Jalyn Knobloch, Erin Neufer, Tania Liberata, and Maggie Danger.

In 2009, I worked with a group of artists at the Margolis Method Center Int’l to film and submit Digit Feast (get it?), an homage to Romero with a quirky twist. This short piece was a Grand Prize Winner at the Quick & Gritty Video Slam and it was a joy to work on! Kalen Keir and I wrote, arranged, and performed the ending song.


Highlights from The Human Show

Seven strangers are invited to a mysterious event. Dressed for a party they find themselves in a place with no address, no host and — no exits. Connected only by circumstance, this unlikely group of characters can only rely on their intuition as they navigate through a sea of relationships and unexpected happenings. In pursuit of answers they become mourners at a funeral, contestants at a marathon dance, jurors in a courtroom and players in a life-sized game of checkers.

In the end, do we ever find ourselves; or do we tend to lose ourselves in the moment? THE HUMAN SHOW is less of a story than an event. An event that unfolds as one might imagine life passing before ones eyes in a distant yet oddly familiar stream of consciousness.

Highlights from Sleepwalkers

Haunted by ancient myths and images of the Hereafter, 30 souls cross paths on a timeless road somewhere in the present. In this mystical dreamscape a fantastic procession of characters including the crone, the fanatic, the prophet and the family next door unwittingly co-exist hand in hand. Can they ever wake from this strange existence if they do not know they are asleep?

Margolis Method Online Learning Promo Video

Margolis Method Online Promo from Margolis Method on Vimeo.

Excerpt #1 from Margolis Brown Training DVD

Excerpt #2 from Margolis Brown Training DVD

Excerpt #3 from Margolis Brown Training DVD