HEADSHOT! Project at Millikin University

I’m incredibly proud to have spent the month of September as Assistant Director for MIllikin University’s production of HEADSHOT!. The MB ADAPTORS Company spent a solid six weeks developing the show as part of a creative residency, and the students and faculty were incredible in the support and generosity of spirit. The show has had many iterations with smaller and larger casts, and this iteration inspired us to add entirely new groups of characters to the mix. A manic emcee strung out on Hollywood glamour makes her appearance throughout the show alongside spirits of the fame factory and the omnipresent  “mission control” stage management band armed with musical instruments. Existing material was expanded and redeveloped, and many new images and scenes were crafted with the collaboration of the Millikin artists themselves. The experience was tremendously fulfilling and I’m so grateful to Kari Margolis, Tony Brown, MB ADAPTORS Company, and of course Millikin University for making this phenomenal experience possible.

Summer Session 2016

Summer Session at the Margolis Method Center Int’l wrapped up with amazing growth in the entire group of artists–myself included! A mix of new and returning artists made for an exciting experience of challenges, breakthroughs, and inspiration. As a teacher, I always welcome questions from fresh eyes to clarify concepts and principles, as well as thoughts from seasoned artists to dig deeper into an exercise or structure.

Summer may be wrapping up but fall will be full of work with Millikin University as well as Margolis Method Online Learning, so stay tuned!

Stage Hackers Season Wrap-Up

Due to a slew of creative projects coming up for those of us at Stage Hackers, we’ve decided to wrap up our first season, and we couldn’t be prouder. We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundtables and interviews thus far, and that each episode offers you some tools or insights to help you in your own creative journey. We’ll be back with more content when things slow down enough to give another season the attention it deserves.

Huge thanks to all artists we’ve had the privilege of interviewing and connecting with, and huge thanks as well to our amazing community of listening artists!

Stage Hackers Episode 22: Collaboration and Creating a Commons | Ramona Ostrowski and Adewunmi Oke of HowlRound

HowlRound representatives and dramaturgs join us to discuss their personal approaches to the creative process as well as the HowlRound philosophy of sharing, learning, and growing.

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Stage Hackers Episode 21: Embracing the Challenges of a Condensed Process | Round Table

Whether it’s a 24-hour theatre festival, a last minute invitation to an open showing, or a self-appointed deadline, the short creative process offers challenges and opportunities to test your creative mettle and experiment with your craft.

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