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I’m so excited to be a part of a podcast for independent, DIY performing artists called Stage Hackers. Here’s info from our website (

This show is for you, the emerging artist, performer, artistic director, producer, or arts educator. “Stage hacking” involves combining problem solving, research, creativity, and exploration to see what it takes to manifest a high quality production on the stage or any live performance. It’s the art of creative problem solving and finding unconventional ways to confront challenges.

As people that work in the performing arts, we recognized missing links in our education that didn’t quite teach artists how to go beyond getting a contract from someone else. We are dedicated to helping people create and produce their own work, make it successful, build an audience, and make money doing it. We want to start a movement to help change the paradigm of the starving artist.

Whether you are looking for success with directing, acting, playwriting, choreography, dance, physical theatre, dance theatre, devised theatre, music composition, crowdsourcing, social media and marketing, arts administration, production design, creative collaboration, entrepreneurship, arts education, creating the work that you want to create, or building your performance company, Stage Hackers is here to help you.

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