DigitFest 2009 “meats” Digit Feast 2009.

This past weekend was DigitFest 2009 in Narrowsburg, NY, a celebration of Digital Art.  The students and company members of the Margolis Method Center submitted a film for the “Quick and Gritty Video Slam,” which is basically a 48 hour film competition.  The film had to be shot in Narrowsburg over the weekend, and had to be less than 3 minutes in length.  We put our devious heads together and came up with Digit Feast 2009.  What happens when the mindlessness of everyday life gets to us?  At what point do we stop living, appreciating every moment, and become zombies?  With Narrowsburg as our Everytown, USA, we came up with an entertaining, creepy, and beautiful exploration of this idea.  And we had a LOT of fun doing it.  Much to our delight, we won the GRAND PRIZE at the competition!  The original song “Zombies in Narrowsburg” was put together by myself and the very talented Kalen Keir.  Check it out:

In Narrowsburg Shadows – continued

Here it is! The film I helped produce and conceptualize for the DigitFest 2008 Quick and Gritty Film Festival. The song was written for the piece by me, and the other artists involved are colleagues from the Margolis Method Center in Barryville, NY. They include: Ian Bivins, Briar Dehaven, Jalyn Knobloch, Tania Liberata, Erin Neufer, and Maggie Danger.  The film festival had a few rules; it had to be shot within June 13-15, had to be under 3 minutes, and all footage had to be taken in Narrowsburg, NY.  It was a great experience and I’m so pleased with the outcome. Enjoy!

DigitFest 2008

In Narrowsburg Shadows This past weekend was DigitFest 2008, a celebration of digital media and art held in Narrowsburg, NY. A bunch of fellow colleagues and I from the Margolis Method Center put together a couple of films for the “Quick and Gritty” film fest. The rules were relatively simple: the piece must be under 3 minutes, and all footage must be shot in Narrowsburg from the 13-15th of June.
I’m thrilled to say that I ended up writing a song specifically for our piece, and I’m really pleased with the outcome. Here I’ve posted a still from the finished product. I’ll be posting youtube links once it gets officially uploaded.
It was really a fantastic experience, and I’m truly grateful to all the artists who made it possible.

Update – That’s Sex

Well after much delay, work, and fun, That’s Sex is finally a wrap! Complications arose due to various members of production falling ill throughout the filming so it took longer than expected, but we’re done! The film is currently in post-production but I’m immensely happy with what I’ve seen thus far. The film will be screening at a UArts building on May 20 in Philadelphia, PA. More info will be posted about it in a bit for any who wish to attend. I’ll also get clips up as soon as possible. Huge thanks to Director Raeann Drew, who made the project a joy, and also my awesome co-star Alex Weiss. We’ll always have Li’l Brudder .

Short film – That’s Sex

I’m currently involved in a film project called That’s Sex. It’s got some really intriguing concepts and is right up my alley in regards to taking a bit of an abstract take on something. It’s about the struggle of the individual with losing their virginity. Definitely provocative, but I’ve always tried to push myself (I’ve lost count of how many shows I’ve done where I’ve simply ended up in underwear and a tank top at some point). The director has started a blog for the project here. Check it out, and Happy 2008 (a little late).