Update – That’s Sex

Well after much delay, work, and fun, That’s Sex is finally a wrap! Complications arose due to various members of production falling ill throughout the filming so it took longer than expected, but we’re done! The film is currently in post-production but I’m immensely happy with what I’ve seen thus far. The film will be screening at a UArts building on May 20 in Philadelphia, PA. More info will be posted about it in a bit for any who wish to attend. I’ll also get clips up as soon as possible. Huge thanks to Director Raeann Drew, who made the project a joy, and also my awesome co-star Alex Weiss. We’ll always have Li’l Brudder .

Short film – That’s Sex

I’m currently involved in a film project called That’s Sex. It’s got some really intriguing concepts and is right up my alley in regards to taking a bit of an abstract take on something. It’s about the struggle of the individual with losing their virginity. Definitely provocative, but I’ve always tried to push myself (I’ve lost count of how many shows I’ve done where I’ve simply ended up in underwear and a tank top at some point). The director has started a blog for the project here. Check it out, and Happy 2008 (a little late).