Time of the Faeries

Happy New Year to all!  It’s been an amazing fall and winter, and 2009 started off with a blast!

First off let me say that the CYCLOPEDIA tour was amazing this past fall.  We played in amazing places and were able to conduct a number of fantastic workshops as well.  I definitely hope to see some of the students at our summer intensive workshops at the Margolis Method Center in the catskills.

I spent much of December back home in Minneapolis and returned in time to work with amazing photographer, Joseph Corsentino and his amazing partner Donny.  Huge thanks to my beautiful and talented friend Genevieve Harbuck, who connected us.  Joseph Corsentino and with his wife Donny are the creative forces behind “Time of the Faeries,” a fascinating take on the world of faeries.  I did a photo shoot with them for “The Afterlight,” the followup to their first installment.  I’ll post photos soon, but in the mean time check out their website; they do some really amazing work!

Check out their stuff at http://www.timeofthefaeries.com!